Volunteer Opportunities

Currently, we are seeking volunteers for the following responsibilities:


Can you provide a temporary home to a litter of kittens or puppies? Or even an adult cat or dog? The more fosters we have, the more animal lives we can save. As a foster, responsibilities include:

  • Take one or more animals into your home on a temporary basis until we find a placement.
  • Take responsibility for caring for and socializing your foster animal(s). Food any veterinary care will be provided for by the Redlands Humane Society.
  • Bring your foster animal(s) to adoption events (usually on weekends) to meet the public and hopefully be adopted.
  • Help determine suitability of a placement for your foster animal’s individual traits.
  • When your foster pet is adopted, you may choose to continue with a new foster pet.

For more information, please email redlandshumane@yahoo.com or call and leave your name and number at (909) 792-6199, or fill out an application.